Apple 1, Replica 1 TE Briel Computers Part 2: Testing

Finally the Replica is finished, now I´am goning to connect the Replica 1 to my laptop. (Because I don´t have a keyboard and a monochrome monitor). In the first part of this blog post you can read how I assembled the Apple 1 Replica: part 1

After installing the drivers for my Videocapture card ( I use the EasyCap USB videocapture) I connected the Replica 1 with a video composite cable to the Easycap. After that I turned the Replica 1 on and got a blinking cursor on my laptop screen! Before I got the Replica 1 video output on my screen I needed to adjust the software a bit. With the composite option and the NTSC_M_J video standard I was able to get the video output of the Replica 1 on my laptop screen.


Read more on how to program the Apple 1 in Part 3 of this blog post:

2 thoughts on “Apple 1, Replica 1 TE Briel Computers Part 2: Testing

  1. A question by Jonas, received by mail:


    I’m very interested in your post about the Replica 1:
    You’ve done a very good job 😉
    I tried this too, but mine doesn’t work very well.
    I thought you could help me perhaps:
    Does the ON / OFF button only work with a 9V power adaptor (?) and do you installed a PS/2 keyboard ?
    I know that you aren’t a support, but I hope you could help me 🙂

    Bye Jonas

  2. Hi Jonas,

    Good to hear you are building a replica 1 too!

    No problem to ask me question, I am willing to help.

    The 9volt adapter is need to be very precise for the replica 1 to work, I tried 3 adapters before I found one that was working for me.

    You can use a adapter with a lower voltage, I used 6 volt (6-9 volts) but I think the output Amp is more important. I used this adapter:

    Output: 6.0VOlt-1.5A

    I didn’t use a PS2 keyboard but a USB keyboard with a USB to PS2 converter, works like a charm.

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