Apple 1, Replica 1 TE Briel Computers Part 1: Assembly

Building an Apple-1 replica (Briel’s version) from scratch!

Recently I have bought a Apple 1 Replica 1 TE board at Briel Computers:

This is a little tutorial with pictures of the different steps of building Replica assembly proces.

The steps are from the building manual, read the Briel’s manual for detailed instructions!



Step 1, Solder all resitors on the board:


Step 2, Solder the Reset and Clear button (first tape the buttons down, before turning the board) on the board:


Step 3, Install the sockets:


Step 4 & 5, Install the 1Mhz oscillator and C1 – C11 (.1uF), C12 and C13 capacitors (0.1uF):

Step 6 & 7, Install the LED and the 40 pin expansion connector:


Step 8 & 9, install the Transistor, the DC power connector and the power switch:


Step 10 & 11, install the Video connector & the RS232 connector


Step 12 & 13, install PS/2 keyboard connector & 44 pin Apple I slot


Step 14 & 15, install C14-C20 10uF capacitors & a 100uF capacitor on C21


Step 16 & 17 & 18, install the two volt regulators (7805 & 3940), the ATX power connector and the 5 MHz crystal.


Step 19, Check the voltages

Before installing the IC´s power up the Replica 1 and check the voltages.

Step 20, Check the video signal. Install the P8X32A-d40 and 24LC256 EEPROM


Step 21, Install the rest of the IC´s

Continue reading this blog post in part two: Testing the Replica and connecting it with my laptop.

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